Each student must choose six subjects: three or four at higher level (HL), and two or three at standard level (SL).

You must choose one subject from each group with the following exceptions. If you do not choose Visual Arts you can choose an additional subject from groups 1-5. You may choose two subjects from group 1 (e.g. English language and literature and Danish literature) instead of a subject from group 2.


We offer the following subjects (click SL/HL for more information):

Group 1: Studies in language and literature

  • Danish A: Literature HL/SL
  • English A Language and Literature HL/SL
  • Self-taught language SL


Group 3: Individuals and societies


Group 5: Mathematics

We currently offer Analysis and approaches HL and Applications and Interpretation SL

  • Mathematics: analysis and approaches SL & HL
  • Mathematics: applications and interpretation SL & HL

Group 2: Language Acquisition


Group 4: Sciences


Group 6: The Arts


ab initio = beginners level


Apart from the chosen subjects all students must pass the three core elements:

  • Theory of Knowledge (ToK)
  • Creativity, activity, service (CAS)
  • Exetended Essay (EE)


Please note: Viborg Katedralskole cannot guarantee that all your choices can be met. Starting a given subject presupposes that a certain number of students sign on for the subject. If there are insufficient applicants to offer a subject, we will contact you regarding alternative options.