The Senate 

The student council or ”Senate” is a key organisation in the everyday life of the school as it works as the glue between the students and the school management. At the monthly meetings a representative and a suppleant from each class participates. Find the senate at Facebook here. 



This social club organising the school parties was founded in 1860 and is as such the oldest student organisation at the school. Every school year Minerva organises five parties: Blomsterbalbrogetjulebalkarnebal and prom. Each of these entails certain traditions and often an artist will be engaged to perform at the parties. At julebal [Christmas party] and the graduation party the teacher disco ‘Plader vi hader’ [Records we hate] is a fixture. Find Minerva at Facebook here. 



Café at VK sets up five cozy cafées every school year. These take place on Friday afternoons in either Kentaurhaven or indoors. Find Café at Facebook here and Instagram here. 


Green VK 

The environmental council Green VK/Grøn VK has the vision of “giving the school a green and environmentally sustainable profile, in a close cooperation between students, teachers and other staff”. We are actively engaged in working towards a more sustainable world. This organisation is behind a number of initiatives: Flea market, Climate Week, educational initiatives, a more sustainable school, various events and guest speakers and more. Since 2014 the school has been a Green Upper Secondary school/Grøn gymnasieskole ( and continuously earned the right to fly the Grøn Skole-flag at the school entrance. Find Green VK at facebook here 

Global VK

Global VK is a team of people who arrange social events for the school’s students with the objective of creating bonds across years, lines as well as the IB and STX. Events include movie nights, global dinners, ice skating in December and many more. 

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VK has its own blog, NOVUS, where students share their experiences with the rest of the school community. Read the blog here and follow NOVUS at Facebook here 

Radio Wad-Up 

VK’s own radio plays music in Kentaurhaven or the canteen for the students, also at Cafées. Find Radio Wad-Up on Facebook here.

On Spot 

VK’s video channel produces videos from special events and form a large part of the VK film festival Det Gyldne Snit. Find On Spot on Facebook here.