The PreIB year is for internationally-minded students who are interested in the IB programme. It is for many students a good introduction to being taught entirely in English and to prepare for the IB Diploma.

PreIB is required for students who do not live up to the admissions criteria for the IB Diploma (see Admissions Policy), one of these being 11 years of prior schooling.

The PreIB programme is equivalent to the first year in the Danish gymnasium (stx) and at the same time a preparation for the IB Diploma. All classes (except Danish and a creative subject) are taught in English, and the students are expected to communicate in English in all school-related activities. Students who are not proficient Danish speakers will be in the beginners/intermediate Danish class. 


PreIB subjects at Viborg Katedralskole

The PreIB begins with a foundational course, August-November. By the end of this, students make their final choice of line (stx/IB). 

Subjects taught in the PreIB year:  

  • Danish A or Danish B (for beginners/intermediate)
  • English  
  • German continuous or Spanish for Beginners (alternatively French B continuous, but this language is NOT offered in the IB Programme of the school). 
  • Social Science 
  • History 
  • Physics 
  • Physical Education (one lesson per week)
  • Chemistry (after foundation course)
  • Mathematics
  • A creative subject (Drama, music, visual arts, media studies). Taught in Danish

Additional basic courses in General Linguistics and General Science during foundational course. These are finished with an exam in November.

Individual plans will be made for international students in terms of language choice and creative subject.


Successful completion of Pre-IB Year

The coordinator, student counsellor and Pre-IB team will evaluate whether the individual student has successfully completed the Pre-IB year and is ready to embark on the Diploma Programme. The student is only allowed into the IB Programme if the school believes this to be a viable course of action.

If the evaluation leads to the result that the student is not ready, the school will offer alternative solutions if deemed helpful, such as retaking the PreIB year or transferring into either the first or second year of the Danish system.



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