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The boarding school is situated in the pleasant school grounds, giving students easy access to the facilities of the school all day. Currently the school houses 138 students from all years and all lines, Danish as well as international students.


The purpose of the boarding school is to offer surroundings which gives the individual boarder the best possible setting for your years of education at Viborg Katedralskole. The boarding school is a home, it provides safety, a strong and tolerant community where you are also free to be yourself. We actively encourage the development of a sense of responsibility, commitment and mutual respect, irrespective of differences in personality and background. The live-in staff, who are also teachers at the school, to some extent stand in for the parents and aim to prepare the boarders for an independent and responsible adult life after graduating. Thus the boarding school is not a place where we control every aspect of the boarders' lives, but rather the boarders, supported and aided by the staff must learn to take responsibility for their own lives, both regarding school, work and spare time.

Basic information:

  • At the boarding school you get your own room with free wi-fi.
  • On every floor there is a tv-room and a well-equipped kitchen. Moreover there is a large common room for all boarders, for homework and social activities
  • If you like music you can use the music room, if you like sports you will have access to the many sports facilities of the school, including the sports hall and fitness centre
  • The boarding school has four live-in teachers who will guide and support you and are everyday fixtures. The teachers also see to it that the rules of the boarding house are adhered to
  • On weekdays you get three meals a day, during weekends only breakfast, but you will get an allowance to buy lunch and dinner - often to be prepared with others from your hall
  • You have some duties during different periods during the year, none of them very time-consuming. You must help out in the canteen, cleaning the hall and the common areas. 


The Top-10 reasons for boarders to move in: 

  • Because you live in a central location in Viborg
  • Because you get an ideal base for being educated in one of the top schools in Denmark
  • Because you decide how tidy your room should be - more or less!
  • Because you are part of a community, always having people around you
  • Because we have great parties and spare time activities
  • Because you can get to the school in two minutes in the mornings - and sleep longer
  • Because you learn to be independent and take care of practical things - including laundry
  • Because there is always a smart third-year student around to help out with homework
  • Because you get an experience for life
  • ...because it is just so great. Go get an application form!



The fee varies, depending on your parents' income, but the maximal fee is 3379 kr (2016). When the boarder is 18 years old this maximal fee must be paid. When you have secured a place at the boarding school, you will be charted an admission fee of 1500 kr. If you decide not to make use of the place, the fee will not be refunded.


Download the application form for the boarding school here


For further information contact please contact Anders Johnsen, tel. +4529930438,