Viborg Katedralskole is one of Denmark's oldest educational institutions with a history dating back more than 900 years. Over the years the school has been located in different places in Viborg, but since 1926 it has been situated in the beautiful and listed building on Gl. Skivevej. The school has been continuously modernized and the neoclassical architecture now houses a modern school, fully equipped with modern classrooms. The school houses around 1000 students and more than 100 teachers.

At Viborg Katedralskole we make a determined effort to prepare our students for higher education. We emphasize academic skills in both subjects and cross-curricular work. Solid academic insight, the mastery of different study methods and the acquisition of different study skills are key values. The school is consistently among the best-performing Danish upper secondary schools and the ambition remains to give our students the best possible foundation for further education. This is only possible through the ability to constantly adapt to the needs of both society and the changing generations of young people passing through our doors.

One tangible result of our continuous effort to provide the best in education that the school has been invited into The Guide to Excellence from Cambridge University. Now being a part of the global IB community of schools is the result of hard work and a determination to keep evolving, challenging ourselves and equip our students to be active participants in local and global communities. 

At Viborg Katedralskole we work dedicatedly to prepare the students for higher education. We emphasize high academic standards in both the individual subjects and in cross-curricular work. The transformation from pupil to student requires the development of a deep and broad understanding of the subjects, mastering different learning methods and acquiring the necessary academic skills.

The school continually works to develop the quality of the teaching and furthermore encourages the students' inclinations and ability to take part in democratic decisions regarding the everyday life of the school. 

Viborg Katedralskole - vision, strategies and focus areas

A. Mission statement 2020: Viborg Katedralskole - Your stepping-stone to education 

B. 2020 Strategy

The realisation of the mission statement can be broken down to the following key elements: among the best in the country in terms of academic achievement,  commitment and student well-being, very high teaching standards, exceptional study environment for the engaged student, high student commitment to learning and extra-curricular activities, exceptional working environment for committed employees and international and local perspectives.

C. Focus Areas (strategic aims) 2012-16

Academic standards: We want highly qualified teachers in terms of both academic level in their subject and in terms of teaching skills. The prerequisite for this and potential professional development is that the capacites of the school and the teachers are fully used and continually developed.

Particular focus areas: Written competence, focusing on the development of the writing skills of the students, i.a. through an increased focus on the writing process. Strengthening the profiles of the individual lines (e.g. the science line), the teams surrounding the classes building on profile planning.

Commitment: Is created through fostering an inclusive environment for both students and staff. There must be a wide range of ways to influence your everyday life, your development and to experiment.

Well-being: Is created through creating good settings for everyday life - both mentally and physical. It must be clear to present and potential students and their parents that well-being is in focus. The school promotes well-being by being relevant in relation to the needs and requirements of young people for an exciting and challenging life.

Openness and kindness: We want to be an open school and we want to treat our students and people visiting the school with kindness. We are open and invite visitors wanting an insight into the life, teaching and various arrangements in the school.

Our students are our best ambassadors when it comes to receiving new and prospective students, and it should be easy to meet our students and gain an insight into their everyday activities in the school. This is done through school visits from "grundskolen", special arrangement, open days, through social media and more. The school must create the best possible conditions for the the ambassadors to meet prospective students.

Openness in a global age is also about having an international perspective in all subjects, creating possibilities for learning about and gaining insights into other cultures.

Financial strength: It is crucial that the school has a stable and high student population, thus generating a profit to be invested in better facilities, new development, staff training etc. A constant, high number of applicants for the school must be secured.

D. The process

Every year the management in cooperation with the staff complete a number of focus areas with very specific description of projects designed to realise the strategic aims.

Mission statement, strategy and strategic aims is decided by the school board, whereas the action plans for a given year are decided by the management. The board is informed about these action plans.