Holidays and important dates in PreIB and IB


Mon. 14 Aug. 9:00. School begins for PreIB and IB1 in the sports hall.
Thur. 15 Aug. IB2 begins, timetable in lectio
Thur. 12 Oct., 12:30-21: PreIB, IB1, IB2 Parent-teacher-student conferences and Parents’ night. Individual talks 12.30-18.30. IB night for all 19-21 (exhibitions, presentations, news).
Mon. 16 Oct.-Fri. 20 Oct.: Autumn break
Mid-November: PreIB, IB1, 1st semester grades; IB2: Predicted grades
Thur. 21 Dec.-Tue. 2 Jan.: Christmas holiday
Mon. 12 Feb.-Fri. 16 Feb.: Winter holiday
Mon. 19-Wed. 28 Feb.: Mock exams IB2
Early March: PreIB, IB1: 2nd semester grades
Mon. 26 March-Mon. 2 April: Easter break
Fri. 27 Apr., Thur. 10 May, Mon. 21 May: Bank holidays
26 April-18 May: IB2 Final exams (including some on bank holidays 27 Apr., 10 May)
Fri. 18 May, 15-17, reception for IB2 and families
June: Mock exams IB1
Wed. 27 June: Party for all students (Danish 3rd years + IB2)  
Fri. 29 June: Graduation ceremony for IB2 and Danish students
End June: PreIB, IB1 mock exams and yearly grades
Summer holiday PreIB, IB1: 2 July
6 July: IB final grades


Important dates in 2018-19


·         Mon. 13 Aug. 9:00. School begins. Everybody assembles in the sports hall

·         Autumn holiday: Mon. 15 Oct.-Fri. 19 Oct.

·         Christmas holiday: Fri. 21 Dec.-Wed. 2 Jan.

·         Winter holiday: Mon. 11 Feb.-Fri. 15 Feb. 

·         Spring holiday (Easter): Mon. 15 April-Mon. 22 April

·         Bank holidays: Fri. 17 May, Thur. 30 May, Mon. 10 June.

·         Summer holiday: Mon. 1 July

·         Graduation for all VK students and IB students: Friday 28 June 10:00

·         IB2 final grades: 6 July


Other important dates

·         International parents’ night and parent-student-teacher talks: Thur. 11 October, 15-21

·         IB2 study trip: September

·         Term grades: Mid-November and Mid-March

·         IB2 mock exams: Weeks 8+9

·         PreIB subject choices: 1 March

·         PreIB language trip (with language classes): April

·         IB2 final exams: May

·         IB2 exam reception for families and students: After last exam (date pending)

·         PreIB and IB1 Mock exams and yearly grades: June

·         IB1 mock exams: Early June

·         IB1 Extended Essay deadline: End June

Final decisions on transfer into IB1 and IB2: End June


Weekends excluded from this calendar.

No holidays allowed outside these dates without prior consultation with the IB coordinator well in advance. During the year in IB1 and IB2 there are a number of internally and externally assessed components in the programme, internal deadlines and other activities during which no leave can be granted unless in case of family emergencies and the like.